Your ROBLOX Wiki has several rules  in place for the safety of the players. Every player should behave in a civilized manner. This doesn't mean you have to be "nice" all the time, but it does mean you should not be bullying or harassing the other players.

Basic Rules of BehaviorEdit

  • No bullying
  • No swear words or foul language directed at others
  • No trading ROBLOX accounts or other goods
  • No dating (for example, no asking for boyfriends or girlfriends)
  • No asking real life info about each other (such as phone numbers, real addresses or email addresses)
  • No spamming                                                                                                                                                                                               This is not the full list of things that are not allowed onYour ROBLOX Wiki, but it demonstrates the basics of how to behave here. Here are some longer explanations about some of these rules:                                                          Bullying, Threatening, or Intimidating
  • Any action or verbal dialog that may threaten or intimidate another player is considered bullying and not allowed. Saying you will find someone in real life or trying to scare them with real life facts is a form of bullying and not allowed. Sharing someone's personal information, photos, or personal website links publicly is a form of bullying and also not allowed.

Swearing and foul language

We do not permit the use of bad language during any way of chat when used to cuss someone out, on the website, or on forum. We have moderate chat to catch as much of the bad words as we can. Using symbols or other methods to will get you in trouble to which then will receive a harsher consequence than just using a filtered word. Do not use fake letters like * or @ to disguise the swearing or the consequences will be bigger. The moderators will still know what the word means and there will be a consequence.

Account or other goods selling or trading

A ROBLOX account is not meant to be taken, traded, or sold from the person who originally created it. Attempts to steal, sell or trade accounts will receive harsh consequences.


We do not permit players to ask each other out or "hook up" on Your ROBLOX Wiki nor on ROBLOX. You should not be looking for boyfriends or girlfriends on ROBLOX.                                                                                                                        


At Your ROBLOX Wiki we have an escalating system for dealing with reported behaviors. When a player is reported to a staff member, admin, that person checks to make sure it is offensive or breaking the rules. Once we've decided the player did something wrong, by our standards, then one of the following consequences may be applied.

    • Reminder - We will message you and remind you to follow the rules and will be asked to read them again.
    • Warning    - You can only have up to 3 warnings, warnings are when we message you and warn you.
    • Blocked/Terminated - When terminated or blocked this means your account is now gone forever.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wait, what if a player false reports me to a mod?!?                                                                                                          We look at the report given very closely to make sure it's not fake or false. If it does not match our rules it's not real. If your reported and we message you back saying this was false, you can make the decison if you want to report him to a mod for false reporting or let it go. JUST FOR A NOTE, please never report more than once it slows our progress down, if a player does something wrong report them in a message to a mod, give their username and what they did wrong and any evidence could be nice aswell.                                                                   =Predatory Behavior Policy=

Any actions of a predatory nature will result in a warning, but only one, this means the next wrong thing you do will most likley result in the termination of your account.                                                                                            

Image Upload GuidelinesEdit

Images are something we upload on Your ROBLOX Wiki to express yourself, but don't upload anything against these Image Upload Guidelines. If a player sees a bad image please report it to a mod right away. Make sure to give the photo link so we can get to it easily and fix this problem.                                                         - Don't upload any profanity (curse/swear words)

- Attacks, comments, or opinions about other people or things that slander, defame, threaten, insult, or harass another person

- gangs, gang slang, or the promotion of gangs

- materials created by someone else without their express written or permission

- information that may identify another player

- anything that has a link to sites that claim to have ways to cheat or exploit/hack

- requests for player passwords

- promoting a site thats yours that may earn you money when something is bought

- spamming

- anything else that is most likley against the rules for the wiki

Thank you for reading our rules, we hope you don't break any so you can keep your account and so we can keep this wiki friendly.

Have any rule suggestions? PM them to firetim on ROBLOX or Tweet this twitter account @firetimRBLX

Bye! Have a nice day/night!

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